Headache-pain anywhere in the region of head or neck. It could be a painful numbing or a feeling of pressure or sharp piercing type of pain. Everyone must have experienced some sort of headache sometime or other in your life time, for headache in some form is one of the most commonly experienced of all human physical discomforts.

There are more than 200 different types of headache, some harmless , some life threatening . The causes range from simple once viz fatigue, stress, sleep deprivation etc to complicated ones viz tumors, blood vessel abnormalities etc.

Visual problems also result in headache. Frequent headaches can affect one’s employment, relationship and even the quality of living. There is also an increased risk of depression if headache is left untreated.

In our headache clinic, all visual causes of headache namely convergence insufficiency, accommodation  insufficiency, misalignment of eyes, migraine etc are dealt with and effective treatment offered with good outcome.