A relatively new entity, this is a disease of the new generation and an effect of modernity. Modern work & life style entails extended hours in close range activities using smart phones, computers, tablets e-reader and hand held gaming gadgets. The result is an ever increasing number of symptoms namely dry & irritated eyes, eye strain, headache, double vision, blurred vision, neck & shoulder pain etc. These symptoms of digital eye strain/computer vision syndrome are mostly temporary but sometimes remain for a long time.

Eyes are made to work more, leading to eye discomfort, visual problems and lack of ability to concentrate and ultimately to reduction in productivity. The gravity of the problem depends on the level of individuals visual abilities and amount of time spent on such work.

Here at the Digital eye strain clinic, you will have the consultant delving into details of your work history to pin point the individual factors which cause additional demands on your visual system. Each patient will be advised accordingly to improve his/her visual ability on such matters as proper viewing distances & angles, seating, lighting etc. You will be subjected to tests of visual acuity and focusing power of your eyes to assess the magnitude of Digital eye strain.

GOWRISA EYE CARE CENTRE offers an array of special lenses to meet the unique visual demands of the patient to improve visual comfort.

We also provide vision therapy/visual training– a structured program of visual activities to improve visual abilities and train your eyes and brain to work more effectively.