The Eye is one of the most important organs of the human body, in fact the most important sense organ. This makes vision or sight the most valuable of all senses.

Eyes are often called ‘Windows to one’s soul ‘. They are aptly called so, because the wide and varied range of emotions that one experiences in one’s heart are often reflected in his or her eyes. For the same reason, the old Malayalam saying ‘മുഖം മനസ്സിന്റെ കണ്ണാടി ‘ ( Face is the mirror reflection of the heart ) also runs true.

               More than this, eyes are our windows to the outside world. The snow clad mountains, the deep blue sea, the misty hills, the rolling expanses of greenery, the serene lakes, the gushing rivers, the gurgling springs, the resplendent sun, the shining moon, the starry night sky, the vivid colors, our loved ones…. the world around us abounds with beauty…. ONLY because of the privilege our eyes grant us.

             SIGHT or VISION is the sense of the human body which enables us to view the world around us. Sight is the physical sensory experience which makes us see, while vision is how the mind, an aspect of the brain, interprets these images. Sight allows a person to see but vision which is more of a concept, a metaphysical one, helps him to understand the significance and draw interpretations. The two work harmoniously connecting us to the external environment. They also work together providing awareness of the dangers around us.

           The Eye help us see, stimulate our mind, and philosophically interpret what we see, maintaining the sharpness of our mind, leading us to healthy and intelligent living.

As the ancient Indian text of medicine ASHTANGAHRIDYA [utt.13.97-98] says.

“// Chakhurakshayam sarvakalam manushyir
yathna karthavyo jeevithae yavadichha /
vayartholoko / yathulyarathri indivaanam
pumsamanthanam vidhyamanae / pi vithae //”

“Man has to strive and preserve vision as long as he wishes to live, for a man who is blind cannot tell day and night apart and the wealth and wisdom he has gained becomes futile to himself and to the world.”

/ Sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam /
“Vision is the most cherished of all senses and we have to preserve it any cost.”

With the mission of preserving precious vision GOWRISA EYE CARE CENTRE has been serving you with trust since the past decade leading you to a happier, longer and fulfilling life.

Did you know ?
Of the world’s 45 million visually challenged people 15 million are form India.

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